We do Weddings and Private Functions. 

Hourly rates available upon request. 
David Price's
Original Super Karaoke
and DJ Show
    North Carolina's First Karaoke Show!

Meet Our DJ's

Bubbles has been with Original Super Karaoke for almost 2 years.
Mother of Three, IT and Networking, Marketing, and Karaoke Junkie!
When she isn't running a show or finding new songs to upload, she can usually be found at one of our many shows.
Paul Marvolo
Paul is our newest DJ. One of our fastest learners, we really enjoyed training Paul to run shows.  
Paul plays in 2 local bands when he isn't hanging out at or running one of our shows. 
He is a master of whit & memeology! His Sense of humor will have you laughing all night long!
Paul Setzer
Paul met his wife at one of David's karaoke shows. We are very excited to see where he is going to take us in the future!